A looooong time ago I owned this domain name. I eventually let it expire and some spamilicious company got a hold of it. I thought it was gone forever. By chance, I checked not too long ago and it was back on the market! I scooped it right on up- not necessarily because I wanted to blog again, but just to have it since it was my baby and my first ever site. I stopped blogging shortly after I became pregnant with my son. At the time, I was an undergrad in college, trying to navigate life and blogging just wasn’t my passion anymore.

Since then, that baby has now turned 12, I have not only managed to get my undergrad degree but picked up a Master’s along the way. I moved to DC and back to Atlanta. I managed to find a man that decided it would be a good idea to spend the rest of his life with me. Got a decent job. Still trying to navigate life.

I made an attempt at starting up a blog again about a year ago but that lasted all of one or 2 posts. However, as my New Year’s resolution I have decided to pick things back up again. This time, I won’t be discussing the Atlanta dating scene, clubbing on Thursday nights or whatever other shenanigans I was involved with a lifetime ago. I’ll be telling you about the latest gadget I bought at Aldi or how I still can’t seem to really get my Instant Pot to do what I want it to do. Or how being a parent means sometimes wanting to hug your child as tight as you can and other times, wanting to jump out of a window. It will be interesting, though. I promise.

Oh and don’t mind this generic template. Deal with it til I come up with something fancy!